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Boot Scootin' to Fit!

Kelly Woolfe

Well this is fun!

The brand new, country music based, dance fitness program, Country Heat is here, and I finally had the opportunity to give it a try.  I'm not going to lie --- I thought to myself, "I'm not a dancer, its not for me, I'm not a huge country fan, I'm not going to sweat...."  BOY, I was so wrong! Country Heat shocked me by 1) being an absolute blast 2) having awesome music that I recognized and loved, and 3) it made me sweat. I truly was so wrong. I'm SO GLAD that I know now what its like because I truly recommend it as a fun workout for anyone -- all ages, all levels -- you're going to sweat and have fun!

Check out my friend and I boot scootin' and boogying down!

Autumn Calabrese created this workout as another option for those that don't love to workout, don't love high intensity or high impact workouts, and who love listening to fun music while getting and staying healthy!  

Also cool is that this program is paired with the portion controlled container system so you are truly getting the very best results possible - because as we know -- nutrition is 80% of the equation!

Now that I have tried the program, I am really excited -- I think that it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old cardio routines, and I think that this is going to keep things interesting!  And, even though I am NOT a dancer, I love that the moves are simple enough and broken down enough that you don't have to really have any dance skills to be able to still do this and have a blast with it.

So how can you score this program?!  Well you can only get it from a coach like me!  The first step is to create a free Team Beachbody Account so that I am your coach.  Click here to set up a free account with me as your free coach!

Next, the challenge pack for Country Heat is the best bang for your buck.  It comes with the entire Country Heat Fitness program, the nutrition guide, program manual, food storage containers, 30 days of Shakeology, access to stream your workouts with Beachbody On Demand, and its on sale with discounted price and shipping right now!   This also gives you access into my exclusive Country Heat private accountability and support group where I will be giving you sample meal plans, recipes, daily tips and motivation to get you started with the program, keep you motivated and help you to see the results that you are looking for.  

This is the total package!!  Trust me, you want the support from others just like you. I know when I started with my journey it was so helpful to have other women that I could ask questions, could help me with my meals, and could hold me accountable for getting in those daily workouts. 

Lastly, I am kicking off my Country Heat Dance Party Test Group on August 15th. You can join me for 30 days of meal planning, prep, accountability and lots of fun!!!  

I can't wait to do this program right alongside you, supporting one another and having fun the whole way through! Let's get this dance party started!

Country Heat is unlike any other workout I have done before. I love that it is FUN and DOABLE, no matter where you are starting from. To join my exclusive test group that begins August 15, just grab your Country Heat Challenge Pack below, then reply to this email to let me know that you're in!! Don't miss out on your opportunity to grab your spot!

Do you stay down? No, you get back up!

Kelly Woolfe

Wow, what a week! If you've been following me on Facebook, you might have seen that I was blindsided this past week. I was totally caught off guard, hurt, and feeling a bit defeated. As a person who hates conflict and drama and tries to just step away and avoid it, it really affected me. It made my heart hurt and I was left feeling confused and out of sorts. If I have piqued your curiousity, feel free to check out my Live Video on my page,, and get up to speed!

Well, however much it hurt and made my heart ache, life moves on, time heals, and things have to progress forward, no matter how you're feeling. There is no way I was going to let this keep me down. Yes, the blow did shake me and knock me down, but I proved to myself that my strength within is stronger and that I can get back up, learn, and move forward, stronger than before. 

I try to turn these kind of events into opportunities -- opportunities to learn and grow. Well, I have learned several things, one of them being that every little thing is gonna be alright.

Waking up that next day, I felt pretty amazed at what a difference a day can make, and how after sleeping on an issue you can wake up with more clarity and separate the emotion from it all a bit better.

And of course, time heals, so after some time to heal and process, as the week wore on, I started feeling like the old me a little bit more. 

Yes, it still hurts my heart, but I know it's going to be okay and that things are as they should be. 

I also learned how so very thankful I am for an amazing support system in my life - women who make it a point to lift one another up rather than tear one another down. Friends who clear time in their busy schedules to talk and just listen. Family who sends just the right kind of message at the right time.

Sometimes the bad happens to remind us of the good in our lives and to make us remember how thankful we are for our blessings.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend full of many blessings!

As a reminder, enrollment for my Summer Strong fitness and nutrition accountability is OPEN. As school ends, I want to make sure we, as moms, still take time for US. We're using the MOST simple, and MOST effective plan to stay fit and healthy this summer while our kiddos are home from school and schedules are out of whack. There's no reason we can't still make time to keep ourselves healthy and strong for our families. Please apply here to be considered for this amazing group!