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Unleash the Inner Beast

Kelly Woolfe

How would I describe this sweet boy of mine when it comes to soccer?

Well, I would describe him as dedicated, determined, never giving up, pushing hard against all odds (all the time), owning the field, dynamic, assertive, and living out his passion on the field.

This weekend marked opening day of games for my little stud --- first game of the season, playing with a new team, playing the best team in the league, and as a result, his nerves just GOT to him.

And because he let it get to him, he got schooled on the field. I actually didn't even "see" my son on the field until the last 5 minutes of the game. Those last 5 minutes are when he actually SHOWED UP in the capacity like I am used to seeing him. For most of the game, if I didn't know it was my own son, I wouldn't have recognized him on the field by the way he was played. It was a far cry from his usual, hard pushing, determined self who normally leads the team and has them looking to him.

Check out the cute boy in blue at the game:

Seeing him play as "not his normal self" got me thinking. I KNOW the nerves got to him on that first big game. And when I thought about what was missing, it came to me. BEAST MODE. Normally, when he is on the field, he enters what we like to call "Beast Mode." He's focused and fast, with his heart, mind, and soul, on that ball and getting it into the goal no matter what.

There's a lot to be said for letting your inner beast out! Each of us is born with a beast inside of us. This beast is a person who will try anything, and is not afraid of failure. It's a person who will try and fail and try again. 

The problem arises when we let fear take control of us. Fear starts asking questions like "What if I fail? What if I look foolish?" And fear starts telling us that we can't do it, don't have the right skills, aren't good enough, or aren't fast enough. Basically, fear cages that inner beast. And that's when you really DON'T have anything to contribute. The beast is caged and the fear has held you back. 

The beast side of all of us is the goal minded side that wants so badly to be successful. The beast so badly wants to make things happen -- and that's why it'll do anything trying, and never give up until it happens! 

We were talking with our son after the game about how when he plays, people want to watch. Seeing him play his heart out and shine is pretty darn amazing. When he unleashes his inner beast, he's fulfilling his potential, and in the process, learning that he can push himself to achieve success. Its so fun to watch him share his passion with the world --- NOT letting fear hold him back.

So, what do you do when your beast has been caged and you're just "off" of your normal game? Well, you refocus, set goals, and push past the fear of failure. Basically, you make an agreement with yourself to let your inner beast OUT! 

I'm super excited to watch this kid in his next game - we've had a talk, and I KNOW he's ready to refocus, put his mind in the right place, and finally, reenter BEAST MODE -- the place where he is happiest on the field -- I see the joy and happiness in his eyes and in his face when he lets that fear go and is working to his full potential. 

As a parent, I hope to always set the example to live fearlessly. I hope to teach my kids to live in their truest, most authentic form, and when fears faces us head on, we just UNLOCK that cage, and let that inner beast OUT, letting that awesomeness shine for the whole world to see!

"Beast Mode" - the action of stepping it up and destroying the competition.


Is fear holding you back? Have you caged your Inner Beast??? Well, its time for BEASTETTE MODE to be switched ON. Join me for 30 days of fitness, nutrition, and support, where we will make that journey to letting go of our fears and being our best possible selves!