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To trust or not to trust.....

Kelly Woolfe

I am the perfect example of what it looks like to trust the process and to NOT trust the process. When it comes to reaching our personal health and fitness goals, how many of us have tried to guess our way through it and make up our own rules? I know I'm 100% guilty of this --- especially the making up my own rules part of it. Why is it so hard to just trust and believe in a process sometimes? Especially strange since in this particular scenerio, the process is already PROVEN to work -- if followed correctly, the results will come. This means that there is ZERO need to make up our own rules and guess our way through it. Yet this is still what I was doing for the longest time! 

I guess for me, the whole process trusting and surrendering is much easier said than done. It requires patience in just taking time to reach our goals, and it requires to just LET GO, which is definitely hard for me to do. You know how we have been taught that if we want something badly enough, we must work long and hard to make it happen? Well, I guess that is where I struggle with just letting go and trusting and believing -- its challenging and I feel like I have to really work at just letting go. The great part is, once we just SEE that vision, go after it with intention, add in the hard work that is necessary (not more and not less, in this case), trust, believe, and just surrender to the process, then the results come! Imagine that! :)  And of course, its going to take patience, and while we wait in patience, thats where the magic begins to happen. 

So, in picture 1, I was struggling to trust in the process. I was making up my own rules, even though I knew better, but I was having a hard time just letting go. In image 2, I caught the vision, committed to following a PROVEN plan, and did the simplest thing --- I followed, step by step, a system of fitness and nutrition that was laid out for me exactly as it needed to be done to get results. And while I patiently waited, the magic DID happen. Not only did I get better results that I had ever gotten by trying it my own way, I also felt almost FREED. I was working out WAY less than I previously had been (this is from doing only 30 minutes of intentional workouts each day), I had way more time in my day because of shorter workouts, I was getting more accomplished, I UNDERSTOOD my nutrition (finally), and was no longer guessing my way through how and what to do to get results (that I had never found doing it my own way).

So, what I'm trying to say is, I KNOW. I know how hard it is to let go of doing it our own way. Even when we see right in front of our eyes what works, sometimes its hard to just let go of that control. But, this totally is an answer -- a life changing answer. A simple answer. 

And guess what? You don't have to do it alone. I've been there, done that, and now I'm here to walk right alongside you in this journey with support the whole way through!

Are you looking for your answer? This might be it!

I'm so excited to share this life changing program with you ON SALE this month. Never again do we have to guess our way through, make up our own rules and see nothing from all of our hard work and effort. Never again will we NOT look and feel our best because now, we have an answer! Join me for a focused 3 weeks in June and be BLOWN AWAY. 

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