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Drink Cocktails, Lose Weight?

Kelly Woolfe

Grill food, eat food, make cocktails, drink them ->->->Lose weight????

Would you believe me if I told that yes, you really CAN follow that plan and still have success in weight loss? 
Okay, so maybe you're shaking your head, doubting me right about now. I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true, right? I would have felt the EXACT same way a couple of years ago.
But, that was before I really understood healthy eating. That was before I really understood how the correct portion sizes could make or break weight loss and fitness results. 
The cool thing I know! And the even cooler thing is that.....I can teach you how, too!

You may be asking, "HOW?" 

Containers, containers, containers. Before I started using these pretty 'lil (actually, not so 'lil) containers, I would NEVER have believed that you could still eat (and drink) your favorites and still have weight loss success. But, the containers have totally simplified nutrition, as well as meal prep, and I totally get it now! 

I love meal prepping now that I know HOW to combine my foods and still enjoy what I know and love. This simple system truly is a game changer!

I absolutely love my Fixate cookbook, which has 101 recipes that have the container equivalents included. This means that I can choose a recipe, and its ALREADY figured out for me -- it tells me EXACTLY how to fit it into my nutrition plan. It really doesn't get much simpler than this!

So, its summer -- its all about cookouts, parties, traveling, hanging with friends and fam, and of course, eating AND drinking.

Here are a couple awesome cocktail recipes that WILL NOT throw you off track, and if you are or would like to use the container system, they fit RIGHT in.

And to balance things out, how about firing up that grill and having some food with our drinks? 

See? Balance. And the coolest thing is....its completely on track AND delicious.

Happy grilling and chilling!


I LOVE my Fixate cookbook that helps make meal planning so easy! 
Through June 30 ONLY, I'm gifting a Fixate cookbook ($20 value) to everyone
who signs up for my next online fitness and nutrition accountability group with either their 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme bundled fitness and nutrition set which also happens to be on sale this month. This combination will revolutionize your fitness and nutrition!