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Dream Big. Then Work For It!

Kelly Woolfe

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."

Man oh man, how proud I am as a mom. This boy works his tail off -- day in and day out, he pushes his own limits to try to be better, become better, learn new things, and always, always, play his absolute hardest. 

He's the kid that when you stick him out on the field, you have absolutely NO doubt that he's going to put his all into it, no matter what. You can knock him down, push him around, try to beat him, and no matter what, he always pushes against that adversity, making himself stronger than he was before.

What amazing traits to have, especially as a kid. He's got fight, grit, and determination in him. He has a will to succeed, and he won't give up. 

As a parent, its such a learning lesson. Seeing the world through THEIR eyes is pretty amazing and puts a whole new spin on things. Its a great reminder to me to put my max effort into all I do and to never give up. Its a reminder that I want my kids to see me always pushing hard towards my goals, too, never giving up, no matter what. They're going to see the effort we put in and match or exceed it!

Its also a reminder that Guess What? Those little eyes are always watching. Everyday, we're setting an example for them, whether good or bad. They're watching what we do, and because WE do it, they think that's the way THEY should do it. Now, I'm no soccer player, but I hope to have set an example of a hard work ethic and never giving up mentality in my daily life. I hope to show my kids that we work towards our goals with determination and kindness and no matter what the outcome, as long as we did OUR personal best, then that's what counts.

I'm lucky to have this boy who works so hard that he falls down trying, then gets back up and tries again. He has taught ME a lot about never giving up, and I'm thankful for him and that lesson every single day.

I could watch this all day!

Oh, and yes, in case you're wondering, his sweat, determination, and hard work DID pay off. He made the top team! 

Have a wonderful week!

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