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Everything I have hoped for ----- and more.

Kelly Woolfe

A rising tide lifts all boats.


Wow. I just came off of THE most amazing weekend. I'm still reeling from my time spent with this group of amazing women. 

Do you have ladies that empower you?

I didn't know these women for anything a couple of years ago. And many of them, I had only met through social media -- never in person. Yet, they are women that continually empower me, support me, lift me up, and are there for me every single day. They are there for me in all I do, they love me for who I am, and they're committed to seeing me hit my goals and are running this amazing race right alongside me. They are some of the very best friends of my life! And to think that a couple of years ago, I didn't even know they existed! Wow, God works in such mysterious ways, and I am so glad that His works have brought this incredible group of women together -- and I'm beyond thankful to be a part of it. 

We are living out our dreams together!

Taking this leap of faith 3 years ago into something I was unsure about, but still willing to try my hand and see has been 100% worth it, in all aspects of my life. Its built me into a woman with purpose outside of being a wife and mom. Its given me a whole new level of confidence that I didn't have before. It has made me a better and more patient mommy. And its made me feel WORTH through helping other women find their health, fitness, and financial freedom. So glad I decided to take that leap! 

Find your tribe. Find those people who support you and support you well. Love them hard! I'm incredibly blessed to be a part of this incredible group of ladies, and these memories that we created together will certainly last a lifetime. Proud to call these women friends for life!

"You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support."

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something truly special? Have you ever wanted that sense of belonging? Or maybe just unconditional support in all you do? This little gig has ended up being all of this and so much more. I'm looking for like-minded women to join my team who are looking to uplift and be uplifted, who are looking for an opportunity to earn from home, have a passion for helping others, or are just looking to be a part of something special.
If this is you, apply below to be considered to become a part of my amazing team of empowering women coaches!