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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes for the WIN!

Kelly Woolfe

To be completely honest with you, I really don't care all that much about the Super Bowl. I know, I know! But, I'm betting some of you might feel the same way as I do! Sure, we're going to put it on, we're going to cook up some healthy food, and enjoy some family time watching it -- but that's what its about for me, more than who wins or loses (or who is even playing) -- time with family and friends!

My hubby requested Super Bowl food today, and since he never requests any particular kind of food (LOVE that he's easy going!), I thought I'd plan a fun menu. Normally, when I think of Super Bowl food, I think unhealthy. And, I recently read that the average calorie consumption on Super Bowl Sunday is 6000 calories. Whoa! Ok, so we're NOT down with consuming 6000 calories of unhealthy food today, and maybe you're not either, so wanted to share with you how Super Bowl eating can actually be healthy --- and still be fun, too.

First of all, wanted to share our menu with you. I'm keeping it simple and healthy, with a little bit of fun thrown in there, too. Our menu looks like this today:


  • BBQ Pulled pork tenderloin sliders (tenderloin cooked on high in the crockpot for about 5 hours with one bottle of Annie's Organic BBQ sauce dumped on top -- so easy and good!). The hubby and kiddos are using slider buns -- I'm going to use a whole wheat pita pocket.
  • Fresh fruit tray - blueberries, strawberries, and mangos (my daughter's favorite)
  • Fresh veggie tray with my favorite white bean hummus (carrots, sugar snap peas, cauli and broccoli)
  • Roasted butternut squash and green beans (roasted at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes -- drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste).
  • "Late July" organic, whole grain tortilla chips with fresh organic salsa
  • Cheese (cut into football shapes) and crackers -- great choices are Mary's Gone Crackers or something else simple with few ingredients like Trisquits
  • And because my kids talked me into it (its my boys' favorite) --- Pirates Booty! :)

And that's it for us because we're keeping it simple and easy! Personally, I don't think that's a half bad feast. :)

If you want to jazz things up a bit and make it a bit more "special" for game day, there are still tons of healthy recipes out there. Check out these 50 healthy game day recipes. There are some amazing recipes on this list!

My personal favorites are the Sweet Potato Skins with Turkey Bacon:
the Chipotle Chicken Sliders: 
the Nachos:
and the 7 Layer Dip:

Hope you find some new favorites for game day or any party or event! Enjoy the Super Bowl and cheering on your favorite team!


From my table to yours,

In addition to some healthy eats today, I hope you'll join me for a quick workout, too!  So, who wants to work out with me?

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