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Booty booty booty booty -- build a backside!

Kelly Woolfe

Booty booty booty booty. I'm not kidding, Hammer and Chisel is working my lower body like I've never worked it before. And I'm all in because something about a rounded booty to fill out my leggings seems better than an 'ol flat one. And, I'm the queen of the flat booty. So, not only do I LOVE leg day, I NEED it, and I am getting it!

Are you a lover or a hater of leg day? Well, if you don't love it, you should LEARN to love it, and here are a few reasons why we DON'T want to skip leg day.


  • You'll burn more calories.
    • Legs are the largest muscle group in the body. When we work them, it requires more work from both the heart and the brain and a higher level of metabolism in comparison to when smaller muscle groups are worked. These large muscles group require more energy -- which means more calories are burned.
  • You'll increase your metabolism.
    • Basically, lifting weights creates a larger muscle mass. And since legs are such a large group of muscles, the more muscle you have in them, the more energy it takes to keep them going. Basically, your whole "engine" runs faster.
  • You'll relieve lower back pain.
    • Low back pain comes, in large part, from weak hamstrings and tight hip flexors. To relieve pain, stretch hip flexors, and strengthen quads, hamstrings and calves. The increased strength and flexibility leads to reduced levels of low back pain.
  • You'll reduce risk of injury.
    • Exercises like lunges and squats help promote knee stability, a common area for injury. Building up that lower body strength could mean the difference between obtaining an injury or not. Strengthening all muscles surrounding the knee, especially the quads, will lower your risk.
  • You'll run faster and have more endurance.
    • Any runners out there? If you are a runner, then you don't want to skip leg day! Strong legs make for a strong runner. Leg training increases endurance, which leads to longer runs. And strength movements like squats and deadlifts strengthen the hips, a common area of injury for runners. Overall, the greater lower body power is going to keep you going longer AND faster

As I mentioned, I personally love leg day. I have been diving into my deluxe workouts from my Hammer and Chisel program, and wanted to share a few booty building and booty burning moves that have become staples on leg day.

First move: Hold an 8 pound medicine ball in hands (or substitute a dumbbell), cross one leg behind the other into a curtsy lunge, then step out or jump out to legs at shoulder width and raise ball above head. Then jump or step with opposite leg behind into a curtsy lunge on opposite side. 

Second move: Stand on one leg, holding medicine ball in hands. Lean over, raising leg straight behind you, as you bend over into a "warrior" stance -- basically, this is a one-legged deadlift. To make the move harder, raise medicine ball to shoulder height as you bend over.

Third move: Place one foot on the medicine ball behind you (make sure its stable). Step out with other leg in front of you and set yourself up in a lunge position, making sure your feet are spaced enough that you hit 90 degree angles with your knees when you bend down in to the lunge -- Bulgarian split squats. If you would like to increase difficulty, hold onto a dumbbell with one hand (opposite hand as leg that is forward).

Final move: Lie flat on the ground. Place one toe on top of medicine ball. Raise opposite leg up into the air, keeping as straight as you can. With foot that is on the ball, lift hips up as high as you can. Lower without letting hips rest fully on the floor.

Move 1: 25 reps
Move 2: 25 reps on each leg
Move 3: 25 reps on each leg
Move 4: 25 reps per leg

If your booty isn't feeling it after all of that, well, then, do some more! But I have a feeling that you are going to be feeling it!

Don't forget to get in that leg day! Don't skip it -- its so important and will help you make massive strides in your progress.


Interested in learning more about leg workouts or strength workouts in general? Shoot me a quick message and we can find a workout that suits you perfectly!