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Crockin' Ladies!

Kelly Woolfe

What a fun week this past week was with my Clean Eating Crockpot Challenge Group ladies! At the beginning of this year, spur of the moment, I thought, "Hey, I should do a crockpot group for moms (because we're ALL busy), so we can eat clean, feed our families, and spend minimal time in the kitchen!"
I know so many of you are like me. The days are busy, and the evenings are even busier. We're running around like crazy people all day -- errands, grocery shopping, multiple school drop offs and pickups, then on to basketball, then across town to swimming, then back home to do homework and its time for bed --- trying to get as much as humanely possible done in a day (and NO, of COURSE this doesn't include cleaning, laundry, or cooking!) --- and if dinner isn't ready and waiting, then well, there really isn't dinner (cereal, anyone???).  The ONLY way I'm feeding my family decent, healthy meals if is I have something fired up in my crockpot, cooking away while we're running around to school and sports.
My goal this past week was to share some of my favorite simple and healthy crockpot meals that my whole family eats and enjoys, and putting in very little time and effort to do so.
And you know what? It was a huge success! I had a blast sharing with the ladies, and they had a blast cooking some new recipes, finding their new favorites, and testing the recipes out on their hungry families. It was so fun to see how each person put their own spin on the recipes. It was so fun to learn from them, too! Now I have some new and improved ideas on how to change the recipes up a bit and make them a little bit different so we don't get burned out using the same recipes all the time.
I want to share some of the group favorites with you, too!
I think the biggest hit was the absolute EASIEST recipe of the bunch -- Salsa Chicken. Seriously, you need 2 ingredients -- chicken and salsa. Pop them in your crockpot, turn that puppy up to high, cook about 5 hours, and then its fall apart tender and delicious.

I enjoyed checking out the different spins my ladies put on these recipes. Check out some of the ideas they came up with on how to serve this meal:

Besides many different varities of tacos, I also like serving this chicken as a salad, with black beans, corn, veggies, salsa and guacamole. Its also great over brown rice, made in to a "burrito bowl". Or serve with baby red potatoes and roasted veggies. The possibilities are endless!

Check out a couple additional crowd pleasers and group favorites:

Bottom line, there are TONS of amazing crockpot recipes out there that are super simple, super healthy, and will feed your entire family --- happily. And that's the goal --- simple, easy, healthy, and happy! I think we DEFINITELY succeeded in all areas!!

Think you might like to learn more about how simple it is to eat clean and healthy, with minimal time, and feed your family using your crockpot? Think you might be interested in jumping in on my next Clean Eating Crockpot Challenge?
Remember, its FREE, so sign up here, and make sure to SHARE this link with your friends, so they can join you!