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Too many sweets and treats! How I curb my sweets cravings.....

Kelly Woolfe

Its no secret that I went on a sweets bender during the holidays. I ate more treats and sweets than I have eaten in three years, since I first made the change over to clean eating. No, I don't know what came over me, except for a complete and utter lack of will power. But, what's done is done. All I can do is put it behind me and move forward -- onward towards bigger and better things (and better nutrition!)

I'm happy to say that I AM back at it. I got my mind in the right place, got started on my new fitness program and nutrition plan, The Masters Hammer and Chisel (which I am IN LOVE with -- its ROCKING my world!). Even though I'm getting back into the swing of things and am kicking my holiday bad habits to the curb, I ended up leaving myself with a little holiday "present" --- CRAVINGS. All of that sugar over the holidays left my body thinking that sugar is the new normal. Now, every evening after dinner, what do I think about? SUGAR! Specifically, the kind that tops cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. Yes -- icing! (You know me too well). :)

Are any of you feeling my pain?
Well, I thought you might be, so wanted to share with you how I'm surviving it -- how I am getting past those cravings, allowing me to stay on track and where I want to be. I want the holiday eating firmly behind me!

How am I getting by? Shakeology. My friend, my love, the ONE thing that is making my cravings just RELAX so I can continue moving forward. I can get my sweets fix without totally blowing my nutrition plan. Check out these INCREDIBLE recipes that I am sure will help you with your cravings, too!

Like what you see? Want more awesome Shakeology recipes to help your cravings just relax? Then be sure to check out my Shakeology Pinterest board at and repin your favorites!

Don't have Shakeology? No problem. Get yours here, make sure I'm listed as your free coach, and make sure to select the HD option for discounted shipping. And just a reminder that you aren't locked in -- changes can be made at anytime, and I can help!