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Even a toddler can make this!

Kelly Woolfe

Our days have been going a little something like this lately -- rush rush rush --- rush rush rush --- rush rush rush -- try and eat something -- rush, rush, rush. Can I get a Heck Ya from my other mommas!?

Oh man! Since school has started, things around here have been off the hook! Do any of you other moms feel like you should have way MORE time now that the kids are back in school, but in reality, you really don't have any time at all because the day is so broken up with drop offs and pickups and practices? No kidding, between 8:30 and 3:30, I have 5 drop offs/pickups. That's FIVE in just 7 hours. Crazy! The day is very broken up and that doesn't include cleaning, laundry, working, cooking, and spending time with my kiddos who are home. When oh when do you all find time to cook!? I'm finding it very challenging, especially on practice nights (almost everyday!)

Well, this is what I figured out this past week. I have to cook either very early in the day or make it a crockpot night. Otherwise, there isn't going to be time to prep a nice family meal. This past week, my little guy and I decided to throw together a quick lasagna at 9 in the morning while we were still in our jammies (ok, half of our jammies). And man, were we ever thankful we had that ready to pop in the oven as our day overtook us!

This lasagna recipe is quick, easy, delicious and healthy.  I also take a few shortcuts to make it even quicker and easier. You may think putting together a lasagna is time consuming, but I promise you, this one is not!!

For starters, you'll need lasagna noodles (I buy the whole wheat, ready to go noodles that don't even have to be cooked), cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, ground turkey (or beef or chicken sausage or your favorite ground meat or you can substitute meat for veggies -- it'd make an incredible veggie lasagna!), your favorite clean, jarred pasta sauce (I love Muir Glen tomato basil), and shredded Parmesan.

Start by spreading the bottom of your 9x13 pan with some of the pasta sauce. Then layer your first layer of lasagna noodles. Next, mix together 1 pound of cottage cheese and 1 pound of shredded mozzarella. Then, cook your ground turkey. Once cooked, mix the entire jar of sauce in with the meat. 

You'll layer your lasagna in this pattern: noodles, cheese mixture, meat mixture -- repeat 3 times! (if you have a helper, they tend to love this part. :)

After finishing all 3 layers, sprinkle top with Parmesan cheese. (if you have a helper, they tend to love this part even more!)

Pop the finished product in the fridge and its ready to go for your evening meal. When you are ready for it, bake at 350 degrees until its heated through (30-45 minutes).

And there you have it. Quick, easy, healthy, and absolutely delicious. (And even better, there are usually leftovers so you don't have to cook again the next day -- wahoo!)

From my family to yours,

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