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Moms, we're Flawsome!!!

Kelly Woolfe

Moms, this one is for you. How many times have you looked at your post baby body and thought, "Hmmmm, THAT sure doesn't look like it used to!" or "Those used to be up HERE, and now they're DOWN there!" Or, you look at your stomach and see some strange marks -- Stretch Marks!? What!? Where did those come from!? And as for me, its that DARN stomach of mine, that no matter how hard I work on it, my lower abs stay puffy and my skin stays a bit saggy -- and this is after 2 1/2 years of working hard and eating well. And, yes, I do have diastasis, which was found after my third pregnancy. At the time, when the nurse found it post delivery, I didn't know much about it, nor did I know it could affect my post baby fitness results, either. For those of you who don't know, diastasis is a separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy (which we will get to in more depth in a future blog!). It can happen to anyone, and is more likely to happen in each subsequent pregnancy -- hence, mine being found after my 3rd baby was born. So yes, this is my self professed flaw that continues to drive me crazy, and I get frustrated with the fact that its so very hard to see a change there.

 So, I was thinking about this the other day, and you want to know the conclusion I came up with? So what! So WHAT! How many of us moms DON'T have something about us that we would like to change in an ideal world? There's probably not too many of us out there that can say that. Do our self proclaimed flaws make us any different as a person? Of course not! And you know what? I think its time to embrace our flaws. Time to quit beating ourselves up and stop obsessing about fixing our “flaws.” Its time to start being thankful for them. Thankful, you say? Yes! Think about it. My flaws are there because of 4 little angels that I was lucky enough to bring into the world. Without the "flaws", there wouldn't be my 4 angels. Without those "flaws", I wouldn't be the person I am today, because my oh my, has motherhood ever changed me and my life! And I wouldn't change any of that for the world.

Our imperfections, or "flaws" are what make us beautiful. We created something absolutely amazing, and out of that, we are forever changed for the better, no matter what our post baby bodies look like. Our imperfections make us perfectly perfect.

Bottom line --- embrace your flaws, LOVE your flaws, even when its hard to do. Realize how special and unique you are with all of your so-called imperfections. Never obsess or let it stand in your way of living life to the fullest and being the absolute best momma you can be. Love yourself for exactly who you are right at this moment! And don't forget, let's be THANKFUL for our flaws -- BE FLAWSOME -- for we wouldn't be US, without them!

Have an absolutely Flawsome week and don't forget to embrace ALL of it!

We embrace our imperfections and continue moving forward. Let's move forward together. Contact me to learn more about my next online health and fitness accountability group for women.