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Sneak in an ab workout while your kiddos play!

Kelly Woolfe

Fresh air, sunshine, and picnics. We have been taking advantage of this nice weather. I love it when the first beginnings of fall start to appear. I don't know about you, but it gets me excited for ALL things fall -- pumpkins, mums, chili, spiced candles, leaves changing color, a slight chill in the air, football.  Because the weather has been so beautiful, my boys and I have been taking full advantage of it and spending as much time outdoors as we can. We've been picnicking at the park a lot (its fun, the kids get active, and then I don't have any lunch mess to clean up at home -- score!!!) As I sat eating lunch on the park bench with my sweet things, I realized that my heart was swelling and felt so full!!! How blessed and lucky I am that I am able to be with these guys and enjoy days like this together! Little did I know a couple of years ago that I could begin designing a life like this, on my terms! And I have to say, there is just SOMETHING about being able to soak it all up with my little sweet things and not having to rush out the door to build someone else's dreams. Building your own dreams on your own terms is something pretty amazing!!!

You may know, I can't sit still for long. As much fun as our picnicking has been, I also am just not ME if I don't get up and get active! So, in the midst of picnicking, monkey bars, and pushing my guys on the swings, I snuck in a little ab workout, too. Yes, even as a momma, even if your kids are your priority, YOU should be your priority, too. Taking care of YOU means you are better able to take care of those precious little ones. Healthy moms = happy moms, and happy moms = happy kids!

Check out this quick Park Play Day Ab Routine that you can knock out in minutes and move closer to YOUR goals, while still having some fun at the park with your kiddos.

Exercise 1: 10 reps ---- Wait your turn, and then grab hold of those monkey bars once your kids have had their turn!

Start from a hanging position and lift knees up to your chest, hitting those lower abs. Lower knees to straightened position and then raise to one side, working the obliques. Lower again and back to center, then lower again and to the other side. The whole series is ONE rep! Go on, you can do it!

Exercise 2: 10 reps --- Start from a hanging position and keep legs straight, raising BOTH legs up to hip level (exercise not pictured)

Exercise 3: 10 reps each leg --- Start from hanging position and raise on leg at a time, alternating, stopping at hip level.

Exercise 4: 30 seconds each side, repeat as much as you'd like --- Grab hold of whatever you can. Start with weight fully on one side, arm raised and outside leg off of the ground. Bring arm and knee together, "crunching" to the side, working those obliques!

Exercise 5: 15 reps ---Time to get down and dirty --- amazingly, I found that the rocks were pretty stable -- my booty sunk right in there, holding my body pretty stable.
Start from a lying position with arms stretched overhead and legs straight. Lift into a "V-sit" position. Hold for a moment, then slowly lower (control this!!!).

Exercise 6: 30 total reps --- Let's hit those obliques one last time. Lie flat, hands supporting head and neck. "Criss-cross", alternating side to side, opposite elbow to opposite knee.

And there you have it. Your kids played, you did something good for YOU, and now you are ready to jump back in and play some more! Even better, you just set an awesome example for your kids that staying active and being fit is important and healthy! And, let me guess, you feel so much better for investing that little bit of time in yourself. Am I right?
Keep those abs working and keep me posted on those sore muscles. :)
Yours in fitness,

Want to learn more about how you can design a life you love, spend more time picnicking with your kids AND getting fit and healthy -- for you AND your family? Click below and contact me to learn more about what I do as a Stay at Home/Work at Home momma!