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Chasing the illusion of perfection

Kelly Woolfe

Funny thing about the internet and social media. We think we KNOW people by what they share, don't we?

Sometimes, it may seem like I have it all figured out. But truth be told, I'm just like any other momma out there. I have days where I struggle. Days where my kids are cranky and I lose my patience, days where my house is an absolute disaster, days where I don't have time to cook dinner and my kids eat Annie's organic mac and cheese for the 2nd night in a row in between practices, days where my nutrition is not 100% on track and I'm annoyed at myself for it. And, I have a To-Do list a mile long that I keep looking at and NOT getting to. Oh, and get this. I look like THIS pretty much everyday. One of my sons has even taken to telling me I don't look very good before I have my makeup on and another son asked me incredulously while I was wearing this exact outfit, "Are you dressed for the day!?!?" Moms, you know how it is, sometimes you just really feel the love!

The thing is, I think we tend to chase that ever elusive, totally unrealistic image of PERFECTION. We strive for perfection and get down on ourselves when we aren't! But truth is, perfection just doesn't exist. If we pretend it is possible, is attainable, then that will control us!  Time to set ourselves free.Time to turn these mental blocks into building blocks. You are awesome, unique, amazing. And no matter how messy your house is, how many days you dropped your kids off late at school, how many times patience was lost, how many times your laundry was overflowing , or how many times you ate the darn cookie --- you are uniquely and amazingly ---- YOU!

So, what does this mean? Well, it means we stop striving for perfection. We come to terms and become happy with being perfectly imperfect. We embrace the fact that we never get out of our workout clothes and embrace the fact that no, dinner isn't cooked, laundry isn't folded and house is a wreck, but instead, we got to spend the afternoon playing with the kids at the park and running them to practices. I wouldn't change any of THAT for the world. So, yes, I'm embracing the IMPERFECT! I hope you will, too.
Perfection is overrated anyway, right?


The secret to getting the body, the confidence, and the life you want? Well, there is no secret, but I believe that community and support from other women helps us thrive and ultimately succeed.
Join us!