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Summer Fun, Summer Eats, and Smart Summer Snacking

Kelly Woolfe

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend filled with fun, family, friends, food and travels!!!

Speaking of travels, we're in the midst of what I like to call our "Summer Extravaganza". We're spending several weeks seeing family and taking trips and I'll tell you, as much fun as it is (and I wouldn't trade it for anything!), it is DARN HARD to stay on track with workouts and nutrition when you're out of your normal routine. 

We just came off of one of my annual family trips that I thoroughly look forward to and enjoy every year. We stay in a huge house with about 30 family members and talk, play, relax, swim, play games, and of course, EAT. Some of the "in laws" like to joke that when they first came around our family, they were shocked that the day was planned around when we were going to eat! I guess that is out of the ordinary for them, but yes, its true, a large part of our week revolves around what, when, and where we are going to eat. 

Going into the week, I KNEW this. I KNEW that eating is such a big part of our family get togethers and vacations. And I KNEW that there would be unhealthy options available that I wanted to steer clear of -- chips, cookies, homemade ice cream, and more. Last year, I remember giving in to my whims and telling myself it was "ok" to indulge and eat too much of the junky stuff because it was vacation. I came out of the vacation being able to TELL when I looked in the mirror that those 5 days of being off track had made a difference in my body. So this year, I told myself NO, I'm not going to do it! I've worked too hard! I packed my cooler with carrots, sugar snap peas, turkey, whole grain pitas and wraps, avocados and made a plan for doing my absolute best to stay on track. I also made a plan to NOT expect perfection and give myself a little leeway to "cheat" and enjoy myself, just not as much as last year!
So, results of my little plan? Eh. I'd give it a so-so. I did VERY well the first 2 days and felt proud that I had stayed on track. Enter Day 3 and enter CAKE. Do you know me at all?! I decided that I would make that my cheat day, and eat dinner and dessert that night and not worry about it. And, I was ok with that because I had consciously made that decision. Enter Day 4 and Day 5 -- I'm sure you know that once that sugar hits your tongue, its hard to get back out of that cycle again, so I ate those desserts. So, I ended the week with eating dessert the last 3 nights of our vacation. All in all, I did better than last year, so that's a good thing. I stuck to my plan all day and enjoyed a few desserts in the evening after dinner. I don't feel awful about it, but know I could have done better, which would also have made me FEEL better! BUT, I also think that enjoying yourself a little bit is ok and needed, too! I also feel good that I stuck to my workouts and didn't miss a single workout while on vacation. And, that's my strong point. I'm on point with my workouts -- ALWAYS, and struggle a little bit more with nutrition, especially on vacation.
I think its very useful to go into vacation with a plan in place for both workouts and nutrition. Without a plan, I feel its very easy to get into a downward spiral. Here are a few tips for eating healthy and working out while on vacation. 

*A treat a day: Absolute deprivation of the things you love, especially on vacation, is unrealistic. Make a plan toallow yourself something each day that makes YOU feel good about enjoying your vacation without going overboard.
*Shoot for 5 a Day: Even on vacation, shoot for at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day. They'll keep you full, provide you with fiber, and will overall make your meals seem "fuller" and more satisfying.
*Walking is your friend: Get in as much activity as possible to offset any extra vacation calories that are consumed.
*Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're satisfied: Its SO easy to overeat when you're at a restaurant with huge portions placed in front of you. Get out of the "clean your plate" mindset. You don't HAVE to eat the whole plate. When you're full, box the rest!
*Water water water: Traveling can dehydrate you, so its important to keep drinking water. It also helps you feel full and helps ward off the munchies!
*Stock your fridge: If you have a fridge and running out to the grocery store is an option, then stock that fridge with plenty of healthy snacks to keep you fueled and filled up so you don't end up bingeing on unhealthy foods

Check out this SMART SNACKING Shopping List and stock that fridge to help you stay on track!

Hope you enjoy YOUR summer travels and come up with a plan that suits you and your goals so you can not only enjoy your summer travels, but still feel good about where you are left at the end of it!

I believe that the secret to getting the results you want and crave are all about COMMUNITY --- doing it together! We, as women, thrive in a community of other women, and the results and interaction we are having is proof of that! Join my FREE health and fitness community on Facebook! Can't wait to get to know you better!