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Riding the Summer Crazy Train!

Kelly Woolfe

Ummmm, folks, I don't know about you, but my summer has been crazy. Absolutely crazy! I mean that in the absolute best sense of the word, but man, having fun is exhausting sometimes. :)

My kids and I have spent A LOT of time in the car, traveling from vacation to vacation and visiting family. In addition, there has been a trip (which I'll tell you more about next week!) to spend some time with my Beachbody "family".
So much fun and feeling blessed to have these opportunities to travel and see the ones I love!

In the midst of it all, I've been trying to find my balance in terms of enjoying summer, my vacations, my family and still getting in regular workouts and sticking with good nutrition 80% of the time so I don't take steps backwards. And, finding my balance definitely involves taking some "me" time to stay on my workout schedule -- I'm just not ME without sticking to that routine!

Its not been easy, but its definitely doable. I think the key for me is 1) Making that time and scheduling in my workouts, even on vacation, 2) Making healthy restaurant choices most of the time so I continue feeling good and at my best (I have eaten a lot, I mean A LOT of salads with chicken while vacationing!), and 3) Enjoying the sweet, little things of life by just taking a moment to ENJOY vacation and Orange Leaf with my kiddos (okay, so THAT place is pretty cool!)

Hope you are having a wonderful summer and are finding YOUR balance!!

Wanted to share a quick Lower Body beach workout that I was able to squeeze in while my daughter was getting ready to try out her boogie board!!! Even a few minutes here and there on your workouts are moments well spent!!

Quick Lower Body Circuit

1) Squats
2) Squats with knee raise (alternating sides)
3) Stationary lunges (both sides)
4) Stationary lunges to a front kick (both sides)
5) Side lunges (both sides)

Sets of 20. Repeat 1-5 times!