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Say It, Believe It, Acheive It

Kelly Woolfe

Have you ever heard that phrase, "Mind Over Matter"? Ya, you probably have, but have you ever really REALIZED  that it is TRUE!? Your mind actually IS stronger than your body, and you can achieve something you thought wasn't possible all by believing in yourself.

If we have a negative mindset, or a disbelief in what we can do, we set ourselves up for failure. Being fit in all areas of our lives starts with our own mind. It all comes from within! 

A couple of years ago, as a stay at home momma of 4, I didn't have a strong belief in myself and what I could do and accomplish. My role was, and still is, MOM, WIFE, and the GLUE that holds everything together. Although I always thought I was meant for even more, I was content in my role and probably didn't believe enough in myself to think I could take on more than that.

And then, a new journey began.

This journey that started out as getting back into shape after my 4 pregnancies, and eventually getting into the best shape of my life, has also evolved into more. I have learned that living my dreams and accomplishing my goals are all about BELIEF. Belief in myself that I CAN and WILL do whatever I set my mind to. 
And I learned that changing your mindset is the only way to make change -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more! Once you make that connection, that is when you find fitness from within.

And you know what? Now that I have found that inner strength that I KNEW was there, just waiting to reveal itself, everything has evolved! Now that I have learned about having a strong belief in self and how far that can take me, I can share that with other mommas, too. I absolutely LOVE helping another mom "FIND" herself outside of being a wife and mom. I love helping that mom learn to BELIEVE in herself and find her confidence. There is nothing more satisfying than to champion and help moms everyday learn to believe in themselves. How cool that learning to believe in ourselves not only helps us find physical fitness, but find fitness in all areas of our lives.
Are you ready to believe in yourself? Are you ready to knock down the walls in your mind that are telling you that you can't!? Well, then, its time to take some action. MIND OVER MATTER! It really is true. We achieve what the mind believes! You ARE a strong, confident, amazing person who has so much to offer the world.

Whatever you do, ALWAYS believe in yourself!

Did you know that you can chat with me about your health and fitness goals --- for FREE?! Yep! Can't wait to connect with you, get to know you, and help you start your journey towards YOUR goals!