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Hello, my love.

Kelly Woolfe

Cupcakes. What the heck is it about cupcakes? This baby was purchased on a whim because, well, look at it! Its pretty. The buttercream is piled high. Its a RAINBOW for goodness sakes!  Yes, cupcakes ARE my favorite food. Tough having cupcakes (and in general, anything that is topped with the creamy, deliciousness of buttercream), as a favorite food when nutrition and health are my passion! But you know what? To me, cupcakes = happiness. Okay, there I said it - phew. So that's out there! Okay, so, eating cupcakes doesn't align with my health and fitness goals which is why this baby was immediately tucked away (and I have done my best to forget about it) -- why do I do this to myself???? Age old question -- why do we set ourselves up for success and then try sabotage ourselves!?

Well, I guess I don't consider it sabotage because over the past couple of years I have built up a pretty darn good willpower. I have gone from being a sweet eating extraordinaire, to actually being able to have a handle on my sweet tooth which still shocks me at times (seriously, I used to be ridiculous).  I have also learned that its definitely NOT about deprivation and a sometimes treat is ok and needed sometimes!!  But, it has taken TIME. It has been HARD at times. I have NOT always wanted to stick with it. But, I have learned that if I allow myself a treat every now and then, it actually helps me stay on track and get the thought of cupcakes and buttercream out of my head!

BUT, you know, there are just THOSE days. You know what kind of days I'm talking about, right? The beat you up, busy as heck, taking care of your family first, nothing on the planet is about YOU kind of days. The days where you throw your hands up in the air in defeat and say to yourself, "Kids, you WON. You beat me down and drug me through the mud today!" And you get to the end of the day, whooped, beat, and tired as heck.

And on that rare occasion, when you have put the kids to bed, and the house is completely quiet, you sneak in to the freezer because you remember what is tucked away back there. You curl up in your bed with a movie, some quiet, and yes, your beloved cupcake! And truly, it is heavenly.

Now, I wish I could eat cupcakes every day(if only bad food was good for you!!!) , but no, I know that wouldn't REALLY make me feel good. And its sure as heck not going to get me to my health and fitness goals. But, a treat every now and then is just LIVING life. And sometimes, its just enough to know that my little creamy bit of deliciousness is there, tucked away for a treat on an extra special day.


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