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No thank you! To sweets? Yes, really!

Kelly Woolfe

Well, I didn't think it was possible. I didn't KNOW it was possible. I certainly didn't know if I could ever do it. But ---- I can't believe I'm even going to say it because it still blows my mind ---- I just went sweets free for 21 days!!!
You may either be saying "21 DAYS!!" (in astonishment because you think that is a long time), or you may be saying "21 DAYS!!" (in astonishment because that's NOT a super long time).
You may have heard, but my favorite food does happen to be cupcakes -- really, its the buttercream, not the cupcake! But the thought of a good cupcake haunts my dreams, makes my tummy start to grumble and sometimes, I just can't get it out of my head. Can you believe that I have NEVER, up until now, made it that long without something sweet -- whether it was a handful of dark chocolate chips, a piece of the kids' candy (hello, Reese's cups!), or an Oreo???
If you can relate to what I am saying, you may be thinking, "HOW??" Well, I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy. But again, I'm not going to lie, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. And, I'm so GLAD I decided to commit. I have always been curious about what my results would be like when I really committed whole-heartedly!

So, here's how I did it, and I have no doubt you can do it, too.

  • Stop feeling like I "earned" it. Yes, sometimes I feel like I earned a treat. I mean, I workout everyday and religiously stick to my programs. I eat healthy most of the time and really, when I do fall off the wagon in terms of nutrition, its not usually not for the actual meal -- its for the sweets. So, I'm working on getting myself out of the mindset that if I workout, or if I have had a rough day with the kids, or if I worked really hard or accomplished a lot that a sweet treat is "deserved". Heck no! If I deserved or earned a treat every time I worked hard, had a rough day, or if the kids raked me over the coals, I'd be eating off plan every single day. I'm working on the mindset of knowing and acknowledging that NOT eating the sweet actually makes me feel better in the long run - from not having a belly ache, to feeling accomplished by sticking to my plan, to feeling proud that I have physically AND mentally conquered something that is challenging to me.
  • Get a push from a friend. This part is HUGE for me! I have a great friend who I talked with recently that really just gave me the push to challenge myself. I saw HER awesome results from following a program and nutrition plan and heard about how well she stuck to her nutrition with minimal "cheating". Honestly, I was inspired. If she could do it, why couldn't I? I set out, hell bent to prove to myself that YES, I could do it, too.
  • PLAN! It may sound simple, but its true. Its not going to happen on its own without some thought and prep put into it. Luckily, my regular, everyday meal prep and planning is super simple and I'm already very much into my groove with it. I know that if I eat every few hours and stick to whole food nutrition - a combination of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy carbs, and healthy fats, that I'm going to be on point and set myself up for success. When I get TOO hungry, that is when those cravings start to kick in, so eating frequently is key for me for warding off the oncoming urge to eat sweets!
  • Get it out of the house! Easy enough, right? If its not in front of you, you can't eat it. And again, its about breaking habits. That little habit I have of keeping something with icing in the freezer? Well, it just has to stop. I KNOW better! As happy as it makes me knowing its there, its only setting me up for failure. As fun as it is to "fail" sometimes, I really do feel better when I stay on track towards my goals, and I bet you will, too. :)
  • MY SECRET WEAPON. Okay, here it is. All of these tips are great, but have you been thinking, "There's GOT to be something else!!"  Well, there is, and I call it my "survival mechanism". I discovered this little gem by chance one day, and at the time, I had NO idea that it would get me through these 21 days!!  You ready for it? This is Shakeology "Candy", and it truly has saved me and allowed me to turn over a new leaf. It satisfies my sweets cravings, is whole food nutrition at its best and there is absolutely ZERO guilt. Chocolately deliciousness that is GOOD for me????? Yes, please!

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology, 2-3 tsp coconut oil. Mix until all powder is moistened. Freeze for 30 minutes then ENJOY! (I also eat this without freezing it -- if you like brownies, you'll love it this way!)

Now What?
Okay, so now I have PROVED to myself that I can do it. So do I go back to my old ways? Eating a sweet every now and then because I earned it, "deserve" it, or because its taunting me from the freezer? Well, yes and no. I'm human, which means that I'm not perfect. Of course I can't say that I will never eat sweets again. That would be, well, wrong! I believe that treating yourself every now and then is healthy! I can't expect perfection from myself and neither can you. But now that I know I CAN live without it -- happily, I might add, I will definitely think through my choices more than I did before. I will make my sweet treats a conscious CHOICE, rather than a spur of the moment downward spiral.  If I really feel like I want a treat and will feel okay about it afterwards, well, then, I'll go for it. If I feel like its going to set me back from my goals and that I'll leave the situation feeling worse (hello, stomachache), rather than better, well, now I know that I CAN say no. So, really, what it comes down to is empowerment. PROVE to yourself that you can do something, and it'll go a long way.