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I Need a Clone (or just more time)!

Kelly Woolfe

How many times a day do you find yourself saying or thinking “If only I had more time!“?

I feel this way a lot!!! I know all of you moms understand -- between the kids, food, cleanup, homework, more cleanup, more food, sports practices, lessons, weekend games, work, baths, and bedtime—-it is A LOT to handle. And that includes NO time for ourselves.


I think I need a clone, or at least an extra few sets of arms.

There are things that go by the wayside in order to survive -- like my house isn’t always as clean as I’d like it to be, I rarely have time to cook more than just throwing something in the crockpot, and laundry, well, its insane. This is my laundry room, on a not so bad day. :)

Despite the craziness of  life,  I always make time for workouts.  It is the one thing per day that is a non negotiable thing that I do for ME. My workouts help me so much with my mood (they really do make me happy -- when I’m finished, that is!), my patience as a mom, my stress level, and they just make me feel good about myself.  It’s way more than looking a certain way, although that is a great by product! Its about how I FEEL, about the kind of mom I want to be, and about setting an example of a healthy lifestyle for my kids. My workouts give me strength inside and out, and to me, the strength on the inside is the most important. They have strengthened my mind and my body and taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

So, as a busy momma, I don’t make it to the gym --- ever!  My gym is my living room, my audience are my kids and my trainers are on the TV. And, I have learned that this type of training is totally ME! I love rolling out of bed and into my workout clothes and walking in to my living room “gym”. Doesn’t matter how I look, I don’t have to drive anywhere or worry about child care for my kids. Its been a winning situation and an answer for me as a mom of little ones.

No, I don’t have time in my day for all of it, but I make the time for what is important. My laundry may be a constant mountain and our basement may be littered with legos, board game pieces, train tracks and puzzles, but does that really matter anyway?  :)


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