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All your questions answered -- The Masters Hammer and Chisel is here!

Kelly Woolfe

What a fun week its been with the release of the new The Master's Hammer and Chisel fitness program! I live for new program releases -- its always so exciting and I am a sucker for a new workout that has guaranteed results.
So many of you have been coming to me with questions about what the program is and how it can get you the results you are looking for. I want to take a few moments and answer a few of the most frequently asked questions that have been coming my way.

What is The Masters Hammer and Chisel?
First of all, I'm super excited because this program is unlike any other programs I have done before. I've been like a kid at Christmas waiting for its release! And even cooler is that even though it hasn't arrived on my doorstep quite yet, its available on my On Demand so I can stream it from my computer, tablet, or phone. I'm super stoked about this!
Also cool about this program is that this is the first program I have done where two super trainers team up together to create something amazing. Autumn Calabrese of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme, and Sagi Kalev of Body Beast have teamed up to bring us program that is going to craft a powerful, defined body. Hammer and Chisel is a resistance training program that uses three different phases of muscle sculpting -- these phases are Stabilization, Strength, and Power, or SSP Training for short. These 3 phases of training are what build, sculpt and define an incredible body in just 60 days.

What makes The Masters Hammer and Chisel different from other similar programs?
You know the 3 phases of training I mentioned above -- Stabilization, Strength, and Power? Well, most programs use only 1 or 2 of these phases. Yes, that will get you decent results, but because Hammer and Chisel uses all 3 phases, it carves out all muscles of the body and chips away at fat to help create that body you are wanting!

What equipment is needed for Hammer and Chisel?
-Dumbbells in varying weights, according to your fitness level. On average, women have been using 5-25 pounds.
-A bench or stabilty ball (but if you have neither, you can make it work with neither -- I have!)
-A pullup bar or resistance band attached to a door (can use a door attachment kit or rig up your own way of attaching (again, I have made it work with neither, through modifying certain exercises).
-An 8 pound medicine ball (or substitute a dumbbell). 

What is the nutrition plan like?
Similar to the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer and Chisel uses a portion control, color-coded container system. The plan can be tailored according to your personal goals and what you're looking to do with the program -- get lean, bulk up, maintain, whatever your needs may be! Plus, its super simple. The container system is my absolute favorite way to eat!

What do I get when I order The Masters Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack?
Well, you get a lot! You get 12 all new workouts on 6 DVDs (30-40 minutes resistance training workouts), 2 additional bonus workouts (10 minute Ab Hammer and 10 minute Ab Chisel), 7 color coded portion control containers that are used in conjunction with the nutrition plan, making it super super simple! You also get the Nutrition Guide which shows you how to use your portion control containers in conjunction with the meal plan, and includes recipes, too! Also included is a Quick Start Guide which helps you get started right in 3 easy steps. And don't forget your 60 day workout calendar. Yes, it DOES matter how you train! All the guesswork is taken out of it and the workout calendar tells you exactly what workout to do when. All you have to do is follow the calendar, follow the nutrition plan, and you'll get the results. Its never been easier. Also in the Challenge Pack, you get your 30 days of superfood nutrition with Shakeology. Shakeology fits right into the nutrition plan and for me, is my one, no-brainer, on the go, super easy meal/snack of the day. I can't live without it! Also included is a free 30 day trial to Beachbody On Demand where hundreds of workouts are instantly accessible from any device. And last, but not least, one of my favorites --- a bonus workout! This bonus DVD is The Masters Cardio where Autumn and Sagi team up to take us through some of their favorite moves to get shredded fast. These bonus workouts are something I really look forward to! You only get these bonuses when ordering through a coach, so make sure you have signed up to have me as your FREE coach here:

I'm so excited to be starting up my first The Masters Hammer and Chisel Test Group on January 4. We're going to kick off the New Year the right way!


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