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Tired of Turkey? Great Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes!

Kelly Woolfe

Well!? How'd it go? How was your Thanksgiving? How did all of your food turn out? How did the eating go? Did you eat until you were about to burst? Or did you come out of it feeling pretty good about everything? And, what about those leftovers? Are you still swimming in turkey and sweet potatoes? Every Thanksgiving, I feel like we have leftovers for days on end. I don't know about you, but there are only so many days where I can eat those same old leftovers again and again. And I absolutely HATE for it all to go to waste. Well, at our house, it really won't go to waste because if its food, my husband will eat it, even if its a bit past its prime. I know. Totally disgusting. 
To keep the leftovers from sitting around so long that my husband gets sick from eating them, I have found that if I turn them into something new, we're more likely to get them eaten (and in a timely manner, too!)

Check out a few healthy Thanksgiving leftover ideas to use up what is left in your fridge!

  • Use up those leftover sweet potatoes by making them into a healthy soup:


  • I love Panera, and recreating one of their sandwiches with turkey leftovers is genuis! love chicken noodle soup and leftover turkey is an easy swap for the chicken!


  • Turkey is an easy swap for chicken in this simple and healthy soup!


  • Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some kind of killer leftover sandwich. Cranberry Turkey Sliders fit the bill!


  • I wouldn't be me if I didn't share a crockpot recipe. Plus, I just love chili. Turkey is absolutely perfect in this easy recipe.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are happily enjoying your leftovers!

Ummm.....ya. Its time. We successfully stuffed ourselves, and now its time to work on getting to where we want to be with our health and fitness. We have one month until Christmas! Do you know how much can happen in one month? -- How much change can happen? A lot!!!  Its time to do this together -- with support! No one is giving up and no one is doing this alone. After enjoying Thanksgiving weekend, what better time to get started on YOU!?
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