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The Halloween Cup

Kelly Woolfe

Now let's be honest. Are the pounds of Halloween candy your kids lugged home last night staring you in the face, just taunting you to eat it? And then eat more? 
Ya, probably so! What's that favorite kind that gets you every time? Mine are Reese's Cups. What is it about Reese's cups?  I don't know if I've ever gone a Halloween without sneaking a Reese's Cup (or 2 or 3) out of my kids' Halloween stashes. The struggle is real, oh so real. 

So, what are we going to do about the piles of candy that are lying around our houses? Well, we could eat it, but then we'd be dealing with a whole lot of this

We could let our kids eat it, but then we'd be dealing with a lot of this:

There's got to be a happy medium, right?

No matter how you cut it, Halloween is just a little bit of a free for all. We try to reel it in, at least a little bit on Halloween night. And the day after, rules are put into place for the kids and their candy stashes. I'm not saying that things don't get a little out of control at our house, but here are a few ways we've tried to reel in the candy craziness, just a bit!

During Trick or Treating, I'll admit, I don't do much about what they are eating while we are walking around. Honestly, I can't really monitor it, keep any eye on everyone, and still have fun if I'm being a total Halloween Nazi. So they kind of have free reign (which is just how they like it). I've had years where I've just let them have at it on Halloween and let them eat it until they don't want to eat anymore. I discovered that they can eat A LOT of candy in one sitting. So, hmmmm, not totally cool about that. So, we came up with a new system last year and it worked pretty well. 

Like I mentioned, they have pretty much free reign while we're out walking around. Once we're home, out comes the candy cup. The candy cup is a ginormous cup. The deal is, for every cup they fill up with candy, they get a dollar. Last year, one of my sons filled that cup up 7 times and was left with only a small handful of candy. Awesome! On the other hand, my daughter filled up 1 cup and then said that candy is too precious and she was keeping the rest. Bummer. 

So, even if you have your own method that works for you, like the candy cup, you're still probably going to have hoards of candy lying around, so what are you going to do with it? How are you going to keep from letting it get to YOU and working against your goals!? Here are a few things that we have found to get that candy out of sight and out of mind for ALL of us. 

-You know that candy from the candy cup? Well, ALL of that goes to either my husband's office, or back to the school, where its donated. 
-Turn it in to a local dentist. Some have exchange programs where they give you healthy snacks in exchange for the candy which they in turn donate.
-Have you ever heard of the Snitch Witch? I have some friends that allow their kids to keep their 5 (or 10) favorite candies, and then the rest gets put out for the "Snitch Witch". She comes Halloween night, takes the candy, and in turn, leaves a gift for the kids. Cool idea!
-Care packages -- Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude accept donations that will go all over the world to soldiers serving their countries far from home. 
-Use the candy to fill a piñata for someone who has a fall or winter birthday.
-Use your candy for science! There are some super cool science experiments out there using candy, like floating Skittles, logo side up in water. After a few minutes, you'll see "floating letters". Pretty cool!

Honestly, Trick or Treating as a kid is just FUN. Do you remember how much YOU loved it as a kid? Best day EVER!!! Now, as an adult, I would never deprive my kiddos of that fun time. And I have to look at the good side -- the fun they are having, the smiles on their faces, and the energy they expended in collecting it! Halloween is special and kids should be allowed to indulge and appreciate their hard work. After all the hard work and enjoyment, its important for kids to get back on track with their healthy habits, and for US to get back on track with our healthy habits, too. Hope you have found your happy medium for you and your kids when it comes to Halloween candy and a way to reel it in and keep pressing on towards those big goals!

Have a great week!


This time of year is HARD. Starting at Halloween, it is so easy to let it become a downward slide right on into the holidays. Its easy to say, "I'll get back on track come January 1." But NO, its MOVE-mber and I'm here to tell you, Don't wait! We have 2 full months left of this year. There is absolutely no reason to spend another 2 months working against your goals rather than towards them. A LOT can happen in 2 months -- like you could actually REACH your goals before the holidays and enter into them feeling amazing rather than stressed, lethargic, and overwhelmed.
My next focus group for November is EXCITING because we're prepping for the release of a very exciting program in December that I have been looking forward to for months, Hammer and Chisel. Let's chat about getting YOU started and MOVING this November!