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Something's Been on My Heart ---- Literally.

Kelly Woolfe

I've never mentioned it before, but it was on my heart this week, literally.

I get asked frequently, "Why do you do what you do? HOW do you do what you do?" And I also hear, "I couldn't do what you do everyday." Well, with a little of my personal history, you may start to understand a little bit better why health and fitness are such a top priority in my life and why I am so committed to helping other women achieve their health and fitness goals, too.

Honestly, there are a lot of reasons why I'm passionate about health and fitness -- for one, I just LOVE it. Yes, I am that crazy person who loves to workout -- and the harder the workout, the more pumped I get about it! If I don't leave my workout having my booty thoroughly kicked, then I don't feel like I pushed hard enough. Another reason -- pushing myself hard and proving to myself that I CAN do hard things and CAN persevere empowers me. There is nothing like proving to yourself that you can do something you thought you couldn't to boost that self confidence. And yes, there's another!!! Confidence! Working out and being fit and healthy gives me confidence! We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and who knew that something as simple as taking care of yourself could do that!? Setting an example -- I want my kids to see a strong mom who doesn't give up -- on them or on herself. I want to have them see a role model who sets goals, goes after them, and doesn't give up. And, I want them to see that health and fitness are an important part of our lives. Family --- I want to BE HERE for my family. I want to be healthy so I can enjoy my kids, play soccer with them in the backyard like its nothing, chase them on their bicycles and scooters, and play the silly games they ask me to play -- dinosaur, wolves, dance party -- all of which require me to feel good and be fit. As if those weren't enough, here's the kicker -- a huge reason why I work hard on my personal health and fitness.
My heart. Beyond my family, no one knows I have this "struggle", and yes, I'm putting it out there for you all today so you can understand another reason why I'm passionate about what I do. When I was 20, I was diagnosed with a heart defect, a congenital defect that I was apparantly born with, but it didn't rear its head until later in my life. Basically, I have irregular beats, PVCs (premature ventricular contractions). I won't get too far into the medical details, but I feel these beats and if I get an "episode", it can leave me briefly short of breath, dizzy, oh, and freaking out! And, not only that, it can make me feel "off" for several days at a time -- dizzy, head feeling "weird", a even a little more tired than usual. 
I'm a busy mom, I don't have time for all of that!!! So what do I do when I'm a little "off" and feeling funky? Well, nothing changes!!!! I keep on keeping on -- I do not use it as an excuse to stop, to give up, or to skip my workout and lie in bed! Why? Because my workouts keep my heart healthy, keep me strong for my kids, and give me the energy that is sometimes waning because the PVCs took it out of me. And I continue pushing forward with good nutrition and give thanks for my amazing Shakeology that makes me feel good from the inside out and boosts my energy so I can continue to be the best mom I can be -- because let's face it, MOMS are ON, ALL of the time! 
So, THAT's why I do what I do. To feel good. To stay healthy for my family. To keep ME healthy. The confidence gained, the feeling of empowerment, the awesome opportunity to share it all with other women -- well, that's just icing on the cake.

Always keep pushing forward, challenging yourself to be the best that you can be and working on your health and fitness goals -- I promise you will be glad you did. And the icing on your cake may just be that you feel better, reach your goals, can play with your kids (and maybe wear THEM out instead of the other way around!), get healthy, or just start to shine as that strong woman that you are. Whatever it may be, its worth every ounce of effort you put in!

Have a wonderful, healthy week!

You know I'm committed to helping women reach their health and fitness goals, and I love that I can work on my goals right alongside all of you. The support is everything! Don't forget, my November online health and fitness accountability group starts tomorrow. DON'T miss out on this chance to make YOU a priority! I promise, you won't regret it!