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Skeleton Food good!

Kelly Woolfe

Halloween is right around the corner and we can't let it slip by without talking Skeleton Food. Okay, so you're probably wondering, "What the heck is skeleton food?" Well, it just happened to be given that name by my kids, and I'm not sure why. Does this mean its really good or really bad? Again, not totally sure! We started out calling this dish, "the meat cake", but for some reason, that name didn't stick and now, its just good ol' "skeleton food". So, since the name is so festive, figured I better share for Halloween!

So, I still haven't told you what skeleton food is. This is actually one of my favorite recipes from the 21 Day Fix Extreme cookbook. This is Turkey Meatloaf! I love it for a couple of reasons. First, its good. Second, it makes a huge amount so I have leftovers (and don't have to cook the next day -score!). Thirdly, it freezes well (I actually have 4 slices in my freezer right now that I will pull out for lunch this week and next). And lastly, its healthy and my kids will actually eat it. Ok, ok, ok, let me be totally truthful. Not ALL of my kids dig skeleton food, which is maybe why it got its name (again, I'm not totally sure if its a good or bad name, but now its stuck and it sure is a fun name, at any rate!). I have 2 kids that really dig skeleton food and actually ask me for it at times. And I have 2 that groan when its mentioned and choke down what is on their plates. But hey, 50% win on the kid front is not a bad thing, and since they have to eat what is served, they'll get used to it with a little time, right? (at least they don't roll on the floor gagging as they did with one other meal I cooked!).

Want to learn how to make it? Its quick, easy, simple, healthy, and to me, delicious!

Remember that I mentioned this is from the 21 Day Fix Extreme guidebook? Check out the container count on the far right side if you follow the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan. One serving is a nice, large portion and counts as 1 Red, 1/2 Yellow, and 1/2 Purple.

    Let's get started! Everything you need is right here:

    This is super simple. Thaw 2 pounds of ground turkey (you can also use ground chicken). Cook quinoa according to package directions. I usually use a quinoa/water ratio of 1/1. If you want a more flavorful quinoa, use chicken stock instead of water, but watch your sodium content if you make this switch! (homemade chicken stock is best). Combine turkey, quinoa, salsa, eggs, garlic (we aren't garlic lovers so I sprinkle in a little bit of garlic powder or garlic salt instead), sea salt and pepper.

    Once everything is well mixed, pat into a 9x13 baking dish and form to the shape you wish (we go for the "meat cake", as I mentioned!).

    Now, pop that meat cake into the oven and bake at 375 for about an hour. Let stand for 10 minutes or so before serving and garnish with parsley if you wish.

    There you have it. SO easy, SO good, SO on track!

    Hope you and your family enjoy Skeleton Food as much as some of us do! Have a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!


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