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I thought I had it in the bag. Umm....not so much.

Kelly Woolfe

You may have caught my Epic Fail this past week? And if not, let me recap for you. Epic Failure right here (point to self!). I had hoped to have some amazing 3 Day Refresh results pictures to show you all last week. I mean, I was REALLY looking forward to seeing what I could do and what kind of results would come out of it..... as well as get rid of a couple of pesky pounds that are bugging me (I know, we talked about that, too!), but, unfortunately, I don't. I totally failed. I epically failed. I don't know what it was - maybe my head wasn't totally in the game. Out of the 3 days, I did just one day as it was supposed to be done. Since that is about 33% successful, I have to call that an epic fail! And because I did so poorly, I can't just let it slide on by! So, I'm disappointed in myself. And since I did fail, and I can't change that, I made a decision. I made a decision to LEARN from my failure and move forward, trying to better myself in the process.

So, you may wonder why am I smiling. Well, we've talked about it before -- perfection and imperfection. We all know being perfect doesn't exist, and we can't get hung up on it. As much as I wanted those perfect results and to come out of my 3 Day Refresh with visible change, as well as to make myself proud, being perfect just doesn't exist. Its not realistic!  Yes, I could have done better -- much better. But I didn't and all I can do is move forward.
I'm also smiling because I chose to find the victory in the defeat. The 3 Day Refresh helped give me that kick in the pants I needed to move on from a September that was way too cake filled (and yes, I said yes to cake way too often --- TWO family birthdays got me good). So, I guess even though I'm disappointed in myself, I'm choosing to be proud that I'm now back on track with my nutrition. I'm going full force, sweets free right on in to Halloween, and feel really good about it. My head is back in the game, so I am choosing to call it a success. I've chosen to look on the bright side. I have found the good in the bad and the perfect in the imperfect. I have to rejoice in the small victories, and always choose to move forward. I'm choosing to embrace the imperfect!!!

So, I think the lesson here is, how do we turn all of our failures into successes? You win some and you lose some, but its not hard to see the benefits in every failure.

The truth is that anyone who has achieved anything great has chosen to embrace failure instead of allowing it to hold him or her back. NO successful person has risen to the top without string after string of total failures.

Failure actually paves our way to success. It gives us permission to move forward, better than we were before. The tricky little key to all of this is how we respond to our failures and finding the benefit in it all. If you're having trouble finding the good in the not so good, then maybe these tips will help in moving forward and beyond.

Failure is a reason to learn and grow.
When you take risks (and you must take risks!), you learn that there will be times when you succeed and times when you fail. And I hope that you'll find that both sides of this are important. I tend to think that even though failure stinks and success is a must in so many situations, that failure overall is more important because it teaches us so much about ourselves. Think about it, have you learned more from your failures or from your successes?

Failure helps us overcome fear.
Being scared to fail -- what an idea. I think we all are afraid to fail. But that's what holds us back from doing the big things, the important things, the things that make us grow and ultimately reach success.  We all experience disappointment, defeat, and despair; find your way through it. Reach the other side and never cease to be amazed!

Failure is a reason to be accountable.
Have I ever learned this lesson! I set myself up for failure during the 3 Day Refresh by having absolutely no accountability to anyone or anything. Can we ultimately succeed without it? Well, yes, I think we can, but its a heck of a lot easier, and a heck of a lot more fun with a little accountability. Failure itself holds us accountable in a way, too,  by reminding us of the difference between making a mistake and making it again and again. There IS something to that saying, "You live and you learn."

So, the ultimate lesson here? Success is the hangover of failure. Live, learn, fail, repeat, repeat again, and keep doing it until you reach that point that you have always imaged. Fail your way, epically, to success and to complete happiness.

"Its fine to celebrate success, but its more important to heed the lessons of failure."
-Bill Gates

Have a wonderful week, fit friends!

Have you ever failed epically? I'd love to hear about your failures that you've turned into successes! Shoot me a message and tell me about them. I'd love to learn from your lessons, too!