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Dear Scale, Its Not Me, Its You.

Kelly Woolfe

The dreaded scale. The dreaded numbers that either make or break our day. What the heck is it about a scale and the power it has over us? How is it able to warp us and play mind games with us? And WHY do we put stock in what the scale says? We all KNOW its not about that little number, but somehow, it gets us every time. If your relationship with the scale has taken over, then its time to take back control.

Okay, so can I be honest with you? I'm currently a few pounds up from my "usual" weight ---- and its driving me crazy! I know in my head that the number on the scale shouldn't mean anything to me if I'm working out, eating well, reaching my goals, feeling good, clothes are fitting well, and I'm happy, healthy, and feel good about myself and where I'm at. And you know what? Most of the time, I do feel this way! And I KNOW better than to step onto a scale, but I keep one around just to keep tabs every now and then. But IF I decide to step on that scale, I know it can lead to either a smile or a frown. WHY is that!?  WHY do I let that little number actually mean something? Bottom line, it shouldn't. Bottom line, its time to ditch the idea that the scale is our ultimate measure of success, because HECK NO -- its not!!!

So if that wasn't enough of a reason why ditching the scale is a GOOD thing, here's a few more for you.

*The number on the scale can fluctuate immensely throughout the day. 
No, I don't think its a bad thing to measure and track progress. In fact, that really is why I have a scale at all. If you are not weighing often -  every week, two weeks, or month, it may give you a better idea of the trend and progress you are making. But weighing everyday or even multiple times per day is very inaccurate! Weight can fluctuate so much during the day due to so many factors. Have you just eaten? Or maybe you just drank a bottle of water? Well, tack on a pound or two (or more!). Are you dehydrated from exercising outdoors or working in the yard? The scale is going to show that you lost weight! (All of which will be put back on as soon as you rehydrate). Not to mention "that time of the month". Just FORGET about stepping on the scale then!!! These numbers don't accurately represent body fat lost or gained, but the fluctuations WILL do a number on our heads. Its a total mental thing.

*The number on the scale blinds us to the real results we are seeking.
When you step on the scale, does it tell you how much muscle you have gained? How much fat you have lost? Nope. Its just a number. And that number tells us NADA about where we are heading with our health and fitness goals. Okay, lets think about the results we may be seeing but are being blinded to because we're focused on that number. Are you more energetic? Sleeping better? In a better mood? Any medical issues that have gotten better or even disappeared? Don't forget what is important. The small little changes you see in yourself each day are adding up to big change, regardless of what the scale is telling you!

*The scale keeps the focus on the food.
Tell me, have you ever stepped on the scale, seen a number you didn't like and then immediately though that you need to either exercise more or eat less? I think most of us have thought this way at some point. Remember that there are a lot of factors that play into it that you may not even think of. And these factors can and do affect that number on the scale! (Like letting those hard working muscles actually recover and repair!)

*The scale makes or breaks your day.
Truly, if it has that much control on a regular basis, then its really time to ditch it. No, its not a measure of our success and we shouldn't let it be. Never let it have power over YOU or power to make you think that you aren't absolutely beautiful and wonderful the way you are.

Bottom line, beauty isn't measured in pounds, results aren't measured in pounds, progress isn't measure in pounds, and YOU aren't measured in pounds. What makes you YOU is what makes you beautiful and never let that pesky scale make you think otherwise!

I'm not beautiful like you, I'm beautiful like me."

Have a wonderful week, fit friends!

Chuck the scale and get fit and healthy the right way with me this month. We start October 19. Join me.
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