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My Story

                                 Pieces of Me

Hi! This is me. I'm Kelly. And these are the "pieces" of my life. I'm married to an awesome, hard working man who keeps our life always adventurous (maybe sometimes a little TOO adventerous!) :) And I'm a proud mama blessed with amazing kiddos who I adore and who keep my life forever entertaining and crazy! I'm lucky enough to love my job and have the opportunity to connect with and relate to other women and moms who are looking for change in their lives - whether it be health, fitness, confidence, finances or finding their "something" that makes them feel empowered. And, I love fitness. As you can see, my family is a huge passion of mine, and I believe that being fit and healthy is one of the most important things I can do for them. And being fit for ME is huge! And, I KNOW that it makes me a better, more patient mommy, helps me to be ready to take on whatever my day brings, and makes me a happier, more confident woman and mom for my family.

How it Began

Fitness has been a passion of mine from an early age, after I spent hours and hours in physical therapy for knee problems starting at the age of 13. I saw from this early age that through fitness and exercise, my body could feel good again. And also, looking back, I can see that I was meant to do something to help others because being in therapy, working on myself and seeing my therapist help others, that was a comforting place for me to be! Fast forward a little bit, and fitness started becoming a large part of my life. As a high schooler, I was very involved in cheer and track almost year round. Moving on to college, I decided to study exercise physiology and nutrition, became a big runner, and really found that it is something that I am super passionate about! The foundation was laid!!

And Then comes.....Mommyhood

Website Pics - Plank with kids.jpg

Many years later, and after 4 babies in under 6 years, I was finally ready to really see what my body could do. I was ready to push myself, challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone and push past my current boundries. But, with 4 young kids, the logistics of working out got challenging! I couldn't really get back to the gym since gym childcare was not an option for me, and getting out for a run with all the kids in tow was a challenge in itself. Don’t get me wrong -- I made it work with what I had and even pushed a TRIPLE jogging stroller for a long time, with my oldest biking along beside me! (Can you relate!?) :) Thats when I found Insanity, which is what really made me fall in love with working out at home. I mean, what could be better -- I was getting a WAY better workout than I would be getting at the gym or while pushing the stroller and stopping every 5 seconds for the kids, I could workout at my house while my kids were napping, or at preschool, or I could set up at the table with activities and they’d stay busy. And, I learned something about myself --  I loved the challenge of it -- with 4 pregnancies so close together, it had been a long time since I had challenged my body that way. I began to feel empowered!  Working out at home intrigued me so I did some research -- after Insanity, I moved on to several other programs that all exceeded my expectations, and I realized that I really could get in the best shape of my life by working out at home!

Things Evolved

Yes, part of my journey was getting back into shape after my 4 pregnancies, but gradually it evolved into helping others to do the same. Reaching out to others who are struggling to be healthy and happy is my passion. And now, I have the best jobs in the world -- being a stay at home mommy to my angels AND a business owner where I not only help others with their health and fitness goals, but help other women find their passion for helping others like I did! It is the best feeling in the world to help empower another momma to see that YES, you CAN do whatever you set your mind to! And not only can you reach your fitness goals, you can build a successful business with it in the process. And I will tell you, it has all CHANGED me from the inside out. I have gained confidence, strength inside and out, and have been able to provide for my family financially and help other moms do the same. Now, I’m that much closer to achieving my fitness goals, I’m inspired by helping others achieve theirs, and passionate about building a fitness based business from home.  If you are ready to see your goals become a reality, whether it be fitness and healthy, business or both, I'd love to talk with you more and help you find the right fit for you. I know this can work for you, too!